Version 1.06 release (bug fixes, battle UI change, and other stuff)


- Changed dialogues of villagers in province of Diamant.
- Some typos in descriptions and dialogues.
- Minimap: change position automatically to not be over the player.
- Minimap: Automatically disappear when an event is ongoing. Reappears afterward if activated.
- Minimap: Reduced the opacity of the black for unpassable tiles.
- Marianne's Witch Step skill: replaced the ability "Paralyze Strike" by "Haste Charm".
- Marianne's Witch Step skill: Mp cost is now 40 instead of 20, and soul cost is now 3 instead of 2.
- Marianne's Seraphic Touch skill: now costs 2 Souls instead of 1. That way, the transmutation ability will give more MP back.
- The help window in the equip menu now display resistances with red for weaknesses and green for resistances. 
- The ability description has been modified to match the removal of the active action sequencing. 

Battle Changes:
- Changed the overall UI for the command windows.
- Removed the Active Action Sequence from the Attack Command.
- The Soul regen and all effects from ability that required the player to successfully execute the action sequence are now triggered simply by doing a regular attack.
- Attack animations are faster than before since the time for the active action sequence is no longer necessary.

Abilities Balance:
- Tiger Stance has been buff: went from +10% per level to +20% per level (max level now gives 100%).
- Dragon Blood and Wyvern Blood nerfed to +2% per level, and max level went from 10 to 6.

Bug Fixes:
- No longer possible to enter the current map menu scene by pressing S between event commands.
- Fixed a bug that will display incorrectly rewards after battle (occurred when one item dropped twice or more).
- Enemy inspect window's elemental and status resistance bar now scales properly. Bigger bar means higher resistance, so a lower number (the percentage displayed is the percentage of the damage the enemy will receive).
- The item help window now properly displays resistances.

So here's a rather large update which addresses many issues people have told me. There are some big changes, like for example the removal of the action sequence with the attack command, a change to the battle UI, and better mini-map. I hope you guys like it since updating this project is very long process (working alone on this and doing law school at university at the same time). 

If there are any bugs, crashes, or even typos, please leave a comment (I'll probably create a thread for that). 

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Version 2 Feb 12, 2019

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Hello again! Now that you've updated the game, is there more story available? In the previous version, I was able to fight Boreas. Can I progress past that point now, or was this only a bug fix?

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Unfortunately the story still ends at Boreas, and will probably never be extended in the demo.  This was a bug fix, and a patch that addressed some issues that people pointed out (new battle UI, no more action sequence, intrusive minimap, etc.). The complete version should be out sometime during Q2 this year, or end of Q1 if I decide to have a few sleepless nights. I'm actually pretty well far in development since I've done the entire main story, with only the final dungeon left. However, I intend to add a couple of side quests before releasing the complete game. 

Don't worry, I'll contact you when the entire game is finished and released!


Alright, looking forward to it!