Full release (Launch date, Steam, Trailer) and new version!!!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last updated the project and you guys on the state of the project. 

So it has finally come: the project will be fully released very soon! The full game is coming to Steam on August 23 (2019)! The game will be 9.99$ USD, and the demo will still be available for free here. So what is new in the new full release of the game? Here's the list:

  • Access to the whole game: the demo only covers a very small portion of the game. Expect the full game to cover the entire story and span at least 25 hours. It has A LOT more dungeons, cities, villages, roads, etc. Trust me when I say that the demo is a tiny little fragment of the complete game.
  • Unlocking all skills/abilities: The full game gives you access to all the skills and abilities, even those that aren't accessible in the demo (they were in the game, but just not accessible).
  • Crafting System: The full game adds the crafting system to the game, a system that is not in the demo.
  • All the Main Quests: It goes without saying that the complete story will be in the full game.
  • All the Side Quests: The demo only lets you play a portion of the main quest. However, the full game is a lot richer and gives you access to a TON of side quests.
  • Constant updates: Even after the release I will continue to update the game by adding side quests and contracts FOR FREE. Much more is coming!
  • And much more! There is so much more to discover that isn't in the demo. The demo only gives you a little taste of the full game! 

For now I've updated the demo to the current version of the game (full game), and there are a lot of changes. I won't list everything, but here are the main changes:

  • Battle UI.
  • Battle flow has been accelerated and made smoother.
  • Battle theme was changed.
  • Game is more balanced.
  • Enemies and troops: they are now much more detailed, diversified, more intelligent, have more skills, and troops are better organized. They also fit with the dungeon's theme now.
  • Added some areas.
  • Updated the menus.
  • Minimap is now less intrusive (transparent and moves to the other side of the screen when blocking player's view).
  • Skit character positioning has been redone.
  • A lot of soundtracks were added, especially in cutscenes.  
  • Fixed many bugs.
  • Much more.

If you played a previous version of the demo (a version before 1.0.00), replaying the demo will show you the changes. However, the story is the same, and the demo covers the same portion of the story. In other words, the demo still starts and ends at the same places. 

If you're interested in the game, please visit the steam page and wishlist Luna Sanctus! It will soon be available for purchase on Steam! 


Here's the new trailer (2019):


luna-sanctus-demo-win.zip 422 MB
Version 1.0.00 Aug 08, 2019

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